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FSM Version 8.10 - 13.03.2020


  • Configuration server: Fixed an issue where the import of a device import file (nps.sqlite) into an older Mercury server (< 10.24) failed.
  • Server: If a printer reported e.g. "cyan ink" or "cyan toner" as colorant, the colorant wasn't shown in color.
  • Server: Umlauts in body of notification mails had been replaced by '_'.
  • Client: Creation of source identifiers did not work in new installations.
  • Client: Extended Counters were not enabled by default in some cases.
  • Client: Fixed an issue where data acquisition has stopped on printers where the model name has changed (Lexmark Firmware Update).
  • Client: Fixed an issue where the SNMP community were not applied on existing printers at FSM Client side (XML Printer Import).
  • Web Client (Server): On settings page, SDS Tab, the button Test URL didn't work.
  • Web Client (Server): If dealers had no alert rules created but the administrator, on printer list page in assign dialog for alert rules the list was empty.
  • Web Client (Server): The order shop dashboard widget was showing a different number of open orders than the order history did.
  • Web Client (Server): Duplicates could appear when displaying the dealer's client list.

  • Feature:

  • Kyocera KFS support.
  • New report 'Surplus pages charging' - regarding the numbers of free pages and page prices configured with a contract, this report creates a charge bill for the selected period of months.
  • If OrderShop is enabled, a notification mail about a reached threshold now also contains the order identification of an automatically placed order or the created order proposal for manual order. This order identification can be used for later reference to that order process.
  • Client: Eastman Kodak Scanner Support.