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FSM Version 8.17 - 14.12.2020


  • Web Client (Server): The client list page was starting with 2nd page and if the result set was less clients than a page full, it was empty.
  • Web Client (Server): Selecting a customer on client list page produced an SQL error.
  • Web Client (Server): Sorting printer list by asset no. failed with an SQL error.
  • Web Client (Server): Printers could not be updated in some cases.
  • Web Client (Server): Opening alert page, threshold page or maintenance page could have caused an error.
  • Web Client (Server): Reports using a time period as option did not work for spanish, portuguese and japanese browser language
  • Web Client (Server): The most missed button since v8.14 'update list' on printer list page is back.
  • Web Client (Server): On printer list page it was possible to use menue actions for licensing printers although no dealer/customer was selected, as a result the printer was not licensed
  • Web Client (Server): Since v8.14 the menu actions for licensing/unlicensing a printer on printer list page did not work with unlimited Printer license
  • Web Client (Server): Since v8.14 the back, delete and OK button on printer page always returned to a complete printer list, now the last filter settings when leaving the printer list are restored
  • Web Client (Server): Not all e-mail addresses for notification mails have been checked for a valid format
  • Web Client (Server): Deleting a printer from printer page using the delete button produces a PHP error
  • Web Client (Server): The dashboard server widget wasn't working for access code users even if the corresponding user had administrator right granted.
  • Server: Automatic sent mails like counter, marker level, event etc. did not show the correct printer address but other text.
  • Server: Under circumstances billing periods were assigned to printers, if contracting was not licensed.
  • Server: XML-RPC function fsm.client.device.delete always returned -1.

  • Feature:

  • Server/Client/WebClient (Server): Support for Brother specific replacement counters and remaining life counters. These counters are shown as vendor specific counters on counter tab of printer page. A client update is required!
  • Server/WebClient (Server): Support for Brother status notification mails. These mails are sent after each data transfer from clients to a specific e-mail address to feed a Brother MPS system. Configuration is done per customer. A client update is required!
  • Server/WebClient (Server): Support for Brother machinelog.csv, this file can be sent in regular intervals to a specific e-mail address to feed a Brother MPS system. Configuration is done per customer.
  • Server/WebClient (Server): The serial of the supplies is no longer discarded from the prtMarkerSuppliesDescription, but captured and is used for change detection. For printers hat deliver the serial in the private MIB, the PMD file must be adapted. If a change of the serial is detected, a supply change is recorded without plausibility check. The respective recorded serials are shown in reports.
  • Server/WebClient (Server): If a marker supply is constantly reporting -2 as prtMarkerSuppliesLevel, a level is now emulated by calculation from range and counter difference. Therefore the page range must be set in the system under consumables. Attention, as long as the last change has not "inserted" an orderable supply by an eShop order, the nonorderable supply of the printer model is considered as inserted and therefore its range. If the printer itself delivers a prtMarkerSuppliesMaxCapacity and the prtMarkerSuppliesSupplyUnit 7 (Impressions) or 8 (Sheets), this value is used automatically as page range. If a printer is newly detected, this value is not very reliable, because the actual level of the supply is not known. After a change, which can only be detected by serial change of the supply, the values are correct in all conscience